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Diedra Barber

Diedra  Barber Diedra is an education equity and compassionate empathetic enthusiast. She appreciates the hard but imperative conversations necessary to empower, engage, and explore next-level thinking for true systemic change. She believes in growth and evolving thoughts. She has done much work and continues to strive to develop the courage to speak her truth with […]

Catherine Wong

Catherine Wong Cathy is the Lynch School of Education Director of Urban Outreach Initiatives for Boston College. She is the point person guiding a slate of university-school partnerships focused on helping principals, teachers and students in Boston schools, as well as providing teaching and research opportunities for Boston College students. In addition, she oversees the […]

Deysi Mendez

Deysi Mendez Deysi is an alumni of E3: Education, Excellence & Equity. During her college career, she also worked with E3 as a mentor and participated in the teachers workshops. E3 has been instrumental during her high school and college career in which she attributes her success today. She is now in a position to […]

Annie-Rose London

Annie-Rose London Annie-Rose London is a facilitator and social artist who seeks to create raucous experiences of joy and pleasure to counteract systems of oppressive mind control. Her passion is creative leadership and transformative group facilitation for thriving and equitable organizations. Drawing together the worlds of ecological design, community arts and social justice, she has […]

Aiyana Sol Machado

Aiyana Sol Machado Aiyana Sol Machado is a multi-talented, multi-cultural visionary dedicated to the liberation and healing of people and communities for nearly 20 years. She is an organizer, artist, scholar-activist, researcher, mother, partner, sister, daughter, community member, birthworker and lover of life! Aiyana Sol began as an inner city dance instructor on the East Coast and […]

Alvaro A. Arauz

Alvaro A. Arauz Alvaro A. Arauz is the owner and founder of 3a Law Practice Management, a consulting company devoted to helping lawyers start and grow their practice by improving attorney performance and using technology to streamline workflow. Alvaro has served the law community for over 16 years, helping them to increase their profits in […]

Alfred Solis

Alfred Solis After September 11th, Alfred changed his career to embark on his greatest challenge of teaching students Math & Physics at High Tech High (HTH) in San Diego. He used his industry experience to create Project Based Learning (PBL) that reflected corporate best practices. Alfred transitioned to Professional Development & Dissemination for HTH, while […]

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