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The Problem

Every year thousands of students graduate college ready to take on the world. Though many employers are discovering that their younger employees lack many soft skills-such as basic reasoning, communication, and leadership-needed to grow professionally. Many report, like US News, that this lack of preparedness starts before they arrive to college.

The E3 Solution

We collaborate with higher education institutions to prepare students for the world. We provide educators with research proven strategies to help students understand their strengths and connect those to the necessary soft skills needed to be success for in today’s workforce.

Access Tools

We’ve identified the strengths that students bring to a classroom through our asset-based assessment tools. Our step-by-step tools will help you engage your students in a meaningful way that allows them to realize their possibilities and succeed academically. Check out our tools and let’s get started!


Tool​ Support

Already trained? Just need access to our tools? We have step-by-step tools to help you engage students in meaningful way that allows them to better prepare for their future career. We offer tools for your own growth as well as for your students.


Thought Leadership

Using our developed and proven data driven approach, we improve the chances of academic and life success for all students, especially those previously perceived as likely to fail. As additional support, we’ve compiled a list of links, publications and research that may be useful in helping students realize their potential and strengths.