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The Problem

Every 26 seconds a student drops out of high school. Why? Many reports cite poor academic performance, bad attendance and behavioral issues as reasons why students quit. Though true, we believe these are symptoms of a larger systemic issue. We’ve found that children who do not feel connected to their education nor do not understand the strengthens they possess tend to feel discouraged and less enthusiastic about learning.

The E3 Solution

We equip educators with an asset-based approach to better engage students in idenitfying their strengths, making success tangible NOW!

Access ​E3 Tools

We’ve identified the strengths that students bring to a classroom through our asset-based assessment tools. Our step-by-step tools will help you engage your students in a meaningful way that allows them to realize their possibilities and succeed academically. Check out our tools and let’s get started!


Get Tool​Support

We help you determine the most effective engagement strategies for your students through our tools.We offer a variety of webinars and assistance to ensure you able to unitize our tools with ease. Need our help? Take a look at our scheduled webinars and register to attend!


Thought Leadership

Experiences shape the way we view the world. Each student has their own lived experiences that impact how they perform and interact with others in school. We offer a variety of opporuntites for you to ensure educational excellence with equity built into your work. See what events we have coming up for you to join!